My opinion of Number the Star’s


Decisions I didn’t like, Well I have one on my mind which is when the soldier slapped Annemarie’s mother. Because she was making the soldier believe that there were “Diseases” on the “Fake dead body”. Inside the casket so he wouldn’t open it to see different types of smuggled in clothes in the casket.    1/28/16. Why, Why I didn’t like this decision is because it made me look at the soldiers and say that they have no mercy at all. The soldiers are like mobile kings they just do what they want to do. Also, whatever they say goes and actually works so other people don’t have any rights in a way. But I feel like that decision kind of made Mama and everybody else expect on how to handle a situation like that and to learn how to adapt strongly and bravely.

The Best Christmas Present I Gave This Past Christmas.

   It was Christmas Eve and my mom was at work while my brother and I were at our house playing video games, playing outside, and we saw how messy the house was. So I Cleaned the living room, my brother cleaned up the game room and the kitchen. The reason my brother and I did this is because my mom is always working hard and when she comes home she cleans up after us. After vacuuming the carpets, cleaning the tables, and organizing all the rooms in the house, and cleaning the back porch; I heard the door open and my mom was in shock.  She Kissed my brother and I on the cheek and said thank you so much. I felt so happy and I hugged my mom and said you are the best mom ever. All my family members got together and had a meet up as the house was clean and organized so everyone can have a nice party.

5th Grade Reflections

Since it is close to the end of the year I will tell you what we did this year as a review or flashback. So we Learned science in 2 other different classrooms. We took down all of our posters and photos from our wall to take home so all the walls are blank. But it’s good because the next grade coming after us can put their stuff on the walls. This year has to be the best year of my life we did so much together in science,reading,math,and social studies. Finally,I will always remember these moments we did all the labs with cool aid,and water

and using hotplates for the first time.All those will be remembers and cared about.

My Reflection-GS Project

Well,I think our group was pretty successful since,we got a good rating from our class. The results from our project were great it said that we were prepared and caught there attention through the whole thing. One of the things i did in the assignment was talk about the results page with my friends. We  showed the class our project and it turned out great. So now i think our project helped our class.

Benjamin Rush became a medic in the old war

He helped so many people in need

Benjamin taught education to people

He helped alot

Benjamin Rush

Was a medic

Benjamin had a good education

He got into lots of big problems

Benjamin was a man who helped in the war

Thatagirl A baseball story

Thatagirl is a story that shows you about a girl named hazel she joins a baseball team with Jackie Mitchell she tried her best to be on Jackie Mitchell’s team.Hazel accomplished being on that team and showing her Baseball skills to everyone.Some times some boys said that shes cant play base ball because shes a girl and girls dont play baseball.The story showed on how you can do anything you wanna do and nobody can stop you.The story told you facts about real famous baseball players in the old days.Like Jackie mitchell he was one of the best pitchers in baseball.Then he let hazel pitch for him.So thats what the story thataGirl was about.